Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Mercoledi Musicale

A few weeks ago my friend Larry mentioned a concert he and Vin went to the in the courtyard of San Ivo alla Spienza that was part of a series given by the International Chamber Ensemble. It was an evening of two suites of music - Frank Sinatra Orchestra Suite and The Beatles Orchestra Suite. Both were scored for string orchestra by conductor Francesco Carotenuto and featured solo violinist Giuliano Bisceglia. As the Ensemble broke into the first strains of Night and Day I turned to Laurent and whispered: Montovani!

You may have to turn the sound up for this one.

What's that thing, you ask. Well young uns that there is a gramophone and the thing what's a spinning on it is a 45 rpm vinyl record. You can see them in museums or in my storage locker!

Mille grazie to Laurence1957 for the trip down memory lane.

06 agosto - Transfigurazione di Nostro Signore


sageweb said...

I know what that is..but I am not young. Use to sneak and buy rock n roll 45's and I would play them when mom and dad where gone.
Love the music on the video.

BigAssBelle said...

well i downloaded firefox as a result of having so much trouble with IE and now i can't play anything! booo!!!

isn't it romantic, sweet man? that you've been there for a year? ;-)

Willym said...

Lynette: Fortunately I have my cummerbund on and am doing my dip spouse routine which means no bitch slaps. I just take your hand in mine, kiss it, look up with a smile into your eyes and 2quietly whisper: evil woman!

evilganome said...

Montavani! No. You dinnit!