Monday, August 04, 2008

Lunedi Lunacy

I mentioned last week that Harold Arlen was one of the composers who worked on Cabin in the Sky for Ethel Waters. A little bit of research revealed that Arlen only wrote Happiness is Just A Thing Called Joe for the movie version - the rest of that remarkable score was the work of Vernon Duke. But Arlen does have an incredible catalogue of songs including this little number he and Yip Harburg wrote for Groucho Marx in 1939.

You can learn a lot from Lydia!

04 agosto - San Giovanni Vianney


Doralong said...

Nothing like a good laugh first thing on a Monday morning!

evilganome said...

I used to work with a guy who knew all the words to that song. Needless to say since we were both Marx Brothers fans, we got along famously.

And how could I not love that song?

Lorraine said...

One of my favorite scenes in "Philadelphia Story" is when Dinah Lord plays and sings this on the piano...I didn't realize it was from a Marx Bros. movie, which actually makes Dinah's "shocking" display all the more funny.

sageweb said...

how super funny. love his eyes..they act as much as he does.