Monday, May 19, 2008

Romeo, Romeo, Dove Sei Romeo?

Entrance to the Casa CapuletiFor once I'll be true to my word - I said I'd post the answer on Monday to the balcony question. Well here it is Monday and here it is the answer.

The Casa Capuleti (right) at Via Capello 27 is one of the big attractions in Verona - even at night when the gates are closed people come to peek through them. And of course any true lover has to leave their mark as a tribute to the unhappy pair of kids who started it all.

Just click on the graffiti covered gate to the Casa Capuleti and all will be revealed.
Gate of the Casa Capuleti

19 maggio - San Pietro Celestine


Doralong said...

Sneaky Wills, very sneaky.. but fun.

sageweb said...

Oh I missed the game...nice balcony pics and the grafitti pic is nice but bad.

SubtleKnife said...

I got it right! I got it right!

*does little dance*