Monday, May 12, 2008

Salzburger Zeitung - Monday I

My good blog friend and the doyenne of Opera bloggers, the fabulous Opera Chic managed to get up to Salzburg for the second performance of Il matrimonio in aspetatto. As always she has posted her witty and wise view of the performance.

And she also found what has to be the ultimate winner in a city awash in Mozart ticky-tacky souvenirs. Though I honestly think this runs a close second:
Mozart Cow
Poor Mozart! Other than give many of them a source of income, what has he ever done to Salzburgers to deserve having his face emblazoned on a cow's udders?

12 maggio - San Epiphanius


Sling said...

I think if Mozart were alive today,he'd turn over in his grave.

Bev said...

Yikes! I've seen some unusual things in my travels, but this is at the top of the tacky list!

Tater said...

Well, I for one, appreciate this art. It is udderly fascinating. That they have milked Motzart for all he is worth commercially, is a fly in my butter, But who cud blame the artist for a little levity?