Thursday, February 21, 2008

More Sharing

And wouldn't you know it, I no sooner finish putting up the previous post than I come across three more items I want to share.
  • Our friend Larry is continuing a tradition in Rome that he started with a group in New York - a Lenten Journey. Here in Rome he is making a visit to one of the Station Churches each week of Lent linking his visit with a reading of the Beatitudes. This week a visit to Basilica di San Clemente and a Beatitude brought back memories of his Pacific Coast childhood and his mother. A lovely and loving tribute.

Shrine in the Borgo
Of course shrines are everywhere in this city - this one is built into an arch of the Passetto Borgo, a fortification that runs from the Papal Apartments to Castel Sant'Angelo.

Contented cat
A very contented cat basks in the sun at the Cat Sanctuary at Torre Argentino. It is one of several homes for the many stray cats that wander the streets of Rome.

  • LotusGreen of Japonisme has spotted a Klimt inspired trend in some of the new fashion collections unveiled in the past month. Her keen eye has caught the similarites between many of the materials and designs being used and the works of the Viennese painter. And while your there you might want to listen to the Mills Brothers sing Yellow Bird.

21 febbraio - San Pier Damiani


Doralong said...

Lotus is a genius isn't she?

lotusgreen said...

boy o boy folks--you just really made my day! thank you. have a great weekend....

more cowbell said...

A cat sanctuary! How wonderful! Can you go there and sit with the kitties in the sun?