Monday, February 18, 2008

Lunedi Lunacy

The National Film Board of Canada (NFB) has long been known for their short-animations and I, like most Canadians, grew up watching these cartoons:

BlackFlies - are only fun to sing about not get bitten by and believe me North Ontario will be alive with them in the next few weeks.

The Big Snit has a more adult theme.

There are so many more out there - maybe I should just start an NFB weekly post.

18 febbraio - Santa Simeone


BigAssBelle said...

haha!!! did that say "i'll die with the blackfly kicking my balls in north ontario?" :-) love the graphics.

sageweb said...

Oh wow I think he is saying kicking my balls...atleast that is all I could hear.

evilganome said...

I heard it say something about picking my bones in north ontario. They will also eat you alive in Vermont. We used to call late spring black fly season. We also called the miserable things no-see-ums. If you've never experienced them, you might almost prefer a kick in the balls.

Willym said...

Sigh!!! Picking my bones. Picking my bones. The animation shows a bunch of blackflies picking bones. I try to bring Canadian culture to the world and what happens. LOL

And boy is EG right - if you've ever been bitten by even just two or three blackflies you might just prefer that kick in the balls.

Elizabeth said...

It must be hard on you, Willym, being the only civilized one in the crowd. We appreciate your guidance and forbearance ("kicking my balls in North Ontario," hee hee).

#2 was funny/ scary! As an old married, I get nervous that I might turn into her - taking out my eyes, yelling at my husband not to saw the table ("Sawing for Teens," Ha!).

Auld Hat said...

Morbid! Twisted! Deeeelightful!

Boy About Town LB said...

Thanks for the support with our Bay...she is all safe!!! She is in my lap! I will come see you more often

Sling said...

Freakin' six-legged vampire Teradactyls!!..I hate them black flies.
They'll suck you dry,and then try to steal your trout!

Willym said...

Elizabeth: Well I guess this a a good place to be if I'm aiming for Sainthood.

Auld Hat: Yeah ain't it?

Boy: So glad the babe is back.

Sling: My cousin said that once about an old girl friend. I was never sure what he meant.