Thursday, February 14, 2008

29 Hours in Milano - Savini Sweets

On Wednesday I headed into Centro - which in Milano means the area of the Duomo and Galleria Vittorio Emanuale. And wouldn't you know it I hit Savini just in time for a morning cappucc and a pear and chocolate fagottini - no it's a pastry, okay! Honestly you people!

Savini sweets
Though I'm not all that big a sweet person I love the displays - you can almost feel the pounds going on as you look at them.

Savini sweets Savini Pastries
I really want to try that little mountain of meringue and whipped cream in the upper left, all studded with candied fruit and violets... hmmm candied violets. No don't think Homer ever said that!

Savini sweets Savini sweets
A simple fruit salad becomes a work of culinary art. Notice the red-green-white of the Dragon Fruit - the colours of the flag of Italy.

Entrance to Savini
It may just be me but even the flowers look good enough to eat.

14 febbraio - San Valentino


Doralong said...

Great! Now I'm starving! But they're all nearly too pretty to eat.

sageweb said...

Oh I my mouth is watering.

Auld Hat said...