Sunday, June 24, 2012

Travels with Sidd - Family!!!!!

On Midsummer's Eve proved an interesting time for our Sidd to  be in Sweden.  Everywhere he turned he seemed to run into someone from his "dimension" for want of a better word.

He really enjoyed wandering around the streets of Gamla Stan, the old town of Stockholm,  the narrow cobblestone lanes such as  Mårten Trotzigs gränd (above) seemed to have been built just for his particular group. Its hard with Sidd to assign anything as crass as ethnicity (heaven knows we love doing that in Canada) though apparently within his genus there are several groups. Sidd, of course is a gnome - sub-genus travellus - closely related to the elf and fairy family and within Europe to the leprechauns of Ireland and the Vättar in Sweden.

In fact as we strolled down Stora Nygat Sidd ran into a whole family of these distant Swedish cousins. They are underground dwellers whose task is to protect the earth and the environment. Given what's going on these days back home he asked one of them to join him on the trip back to Canada - so Jööhann joined him in my commodious satchel for the balance of our trip.

Sidd was a little more apprehensive when he came upon a shop filled with trolls - there's a bit of a history between gnomes and trolls, not necessarily a good one.  He was even more nervous when he found himself seated beside a rather large - in fact the granddaddy of all - trolls. He tried to chat him up and compliment him on the great hat but apparently there's was a language barrier.  Either that or what Sidd had been told by his mother was true - trolls are a bit slow and dim-witted.  So after a brief hello he left it at that and we continued on our way.

Though not of the gnomish variety Sidd was interested in some of story book friends he saw in the trendy shop windows along Birger Jarlsgatan. He was just as happy when he realized that he was protected from the jaws of this bejewelled croc that tried to entice him in. But he really was puzzled how Goosey Goosey Gander and his mate seemed so nonchalant about being in the same room with that toothy reptile?

And he was equally glad that he couldn't hear that yapping over dressed little chihuahua through the window. But he was wondering why Puss in Boots looked like a Chicago pimp on a Saturday night - or more specifically why anyone would invite him (or the chihuahua) into their living room .... to stay?

Even given how much he's travelled Sidd had never quite seen anything like this! He honestly wondered what the poor Princess had done to deserve such a punishment -I mean the normal thing is to lock them in a tower, feed them a bad apple or put them to sleep for a hundred years but being turned into a light fixture!!! And where was the rest of her? And how the hell do you break that spell? That must have been some pissed off fairy!

By day's end Sidd was more than happy to come back to the hotel and chat up the very nice receptionist at the hotel. Guess he figured he'd have more success with a pretty lady who didn't have some strange curse on her and wasn't just hanging around shop windows!

Marco, please note that Sidd is not the sort of gnome who kisses and tell

Sidd explains the rules of the house to Jööhann who'll be staying here until he travels to Sidd's place in mid-July.  He also suggested that he avoid the Hounds from Hell once they get home - they're sweet but eat everything!  Including gnomes and Vätars.

24 June - 637: The Battle of Moira is fought between the High King of Ireland and the Kings of Ulster and Dalriada. It is claimed to be largest battle in the history of Ireland.

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SubtleKnife said...

It's so good to hear Sidd enjoyed himself.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Jööhann is certainly dressed and bearded to withstand a Canadian winter. He'll do well in Ottawa.