Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Travels With Sidd - The Airport Lounge - Ottawa

Don't panic there is no intention of turning this into a blog version of that Twitter thing or what ever its called but Sidd just wanted to let Lara know that he's okay. His flights late but after a glass of Air Canada's finest white and wet (????) he's not about to complain to the very gracious hostess - who happens to be an old friend of his traveling companions.

So he's just sitting here, enjoying the relentless chatter on TSN - was this the same guys who did the Royal Jubilee for BBC? - and snickering at the badly dressed people who have access to the Maple Leaf Lounge. And maybe have another glass of the white and wet!
06 June - 1654 – Charles X succeeds his abdicated cousin Queen Christina to the Swedish throne.
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looks like he's been imbibing a little of the wine.