Sunday, June 03, 2012

Little Tricks of Nature

Last fall a plea went out from the Humane Society - I believe it was - for people to "foster" litters of squirrels that had been born late in the season. Apparently the early arrival of warm weather had encourage an unprecedented level of the sort of activity that guarantees an increase in the rodent population of our mighty metropolis. Though they aren't mentioned in Cole Porter's famous song apparently squirrels do do it - and last year they did it with a vengeance. And if proof were needed simply stepping out the back entrance to our building is all that's needed - and stepping out of the building with Nora guarantees that the presence of chattering, scampering black or gray rodents will be well noted - by half the neighborhood.

Offered with apologies to Quentin Tarantino.

Our Nora comes from a long line of hunters - as oft mentioned her mother, the lovely Lucy, is a champion boar hunter in Italy. And Nora has inherited all her mother's hunting instincts and the truly frightening hound howl that echoes many mornings across the Canal. Failing the presence of any great number of boars in the area our girl has decided that the pursuit of Sciurus carolinensis is a fair enough substitute. Many of our neighbours are in full support of her decision and would be more than thrilled should she succeed in "decreasing the surplice population".

However there is one gentleman who has made it his mission to show up every night at 1800 with bags of nuts which he distributes around the neighbourhood. Now whatever you say about squirrels - and believe me the people around here have much to say about squirrels, none of it printable in what is after all a family blog - they are bright little creatures. They know this gentleman will show up every evening and at 1800 precisely they appear lurking around the edges of the landscape like creatures in a Stephan King novel. Why spend all that time foraging when you know the nutty Good Humour man will be making his appointed rounds like clockwork.

And if further proof is needed of the intelligence of these ubiquitous pests this little scene caught my eye on Friday afternoon as I was walking home through Confederation Park.

Why do I honestly believe if the earth is flattened in one of those cataclysmic accidents beloved of Hollywood and young video game players that the only thing left will be ants, dandelions and... squirrels?

03 June - 1889 – The transcontinental Canadian Pacific Railway is completed.


Cecilia said...

And Cher.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

My Rare One has an ongoing battle with squirrels in our back yard too. I am forbidden -- FORBIDDEN -- to put peanuts or any other nuts out for them.

Willym said...

Oh my god Cecilia I had forgot about Cher.... what is it they use to say on SNL - forgotten but not dead!

yvette said...

Nora is superb! and thanks to the squirrels, like that we can share this lovely video...


that is one big fecking rat.