Tuesday, June 29, 2010

You Scream! I Scream! We All Scream! For ...

... Ice Cream!

I tried to translate that into Italian but it just doesn't have the same ring. But it isn't really ice cream we're all screaming for its GELATO! Wonderful, rich, creamy, cold, flavourful Italian Gelato.

Today being the Feast of Saint Peter and Saint Paul (the patron Saints of Roma) most of the city was closed - except of course us. Fortunately a few of the local bars stayed open so it was still possible to get a morning cappucc but lunch was another thing. Thank heavens that work is only five blocks from the apartment and there were cold cuts in the house. That and Tropical Ice, my favourite gelateria was open - it may be a major holiday but Romans still need their gelato fix. Particularly when its sunny and the temperature is rising 32
Tropical Ice is a gelateria about 3 blocks from the apartment. On a warm evening its nice to stroll over, say hello to our friend who runs the place and get a €2,50 coppetta (cup) then slowly stroll back home - just enjoying the night and the gelato.

Within a six block radius of the apartment there are 5 gelaterie, each one of them using a different recipe. Some are more creamy than others, one is gluten-free and each one of them features gelato made with fresh ingredients depending what is in season. And though there may not be 31 flavours there are some really interesting ones out there - After Eight, Cassata Sciciliana, Zuppe Inglese, Nutella (yep Nutella gelato), Ricotta and Cinnamon, Honey and Sesame, Cherry Swirl plus all the chocolate and vanilla variations and my two favorites pistachio and caffe.

I counted just to be sure and they only have 30 flavours - 1 short but they do have that big bowl of fresh whipped cream at the end of the counter to top things off.

Though all the gelaterie in the neighbourhood are good Tropical Ice tops my list. Not only is it the best balance of flavour and creaminess but it is only three blocks away on Via Nomentana (one of the old consular roads out of the city). And the chap that runs it is friendly and always smiling - as I kid I always thought I would smile all the time if I lived in an ice cream store. I've become a regular so he knows that I take my coppetta "neat" - without whipped cream.

The ingredients are all fresh and it's made daily - the chocolate and orange is wonderful as is the pear, melon and banana. And even the simple old crema (vanilla) is heavenly.

I know I had gelato at lunch but you know its cooled off a bit and I really think the Hounds from Hell need a walk. And if Nora should happen to drag us passed the gelateria it would be rude not to say hello. Right? Okay who's with me on this one?

29 giugno - Santi Pietro e Paolo


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Oh Oh. I am in trouble when I visit. I better make sure I am underweight or I won't fit into my clothes at the end of my trip. I can't wait. Uncle Pervy.