Monday, June 21, 2010

Eat Your Heat Out Bolle

The media is filled with pictures of various Italian superstars flogging the latest fashion in men's clothing, fragrance or cosmetics. Of course the big star is our boy Bobby Bolle, he of the tall, Apollo muscled frame and boyish good looks. And being a dancer Roberto knows how to pose to show both the frame and the clothes (or lack there off) on it to best advantage. But when I see some of the gentlemen walking around I am starting to think that most Italian men know how to pose to show the frame and the clothes to best advantage.

I'll give you an example - our Nicky. Now Nicky is Italian through and through - why he even makes advances to Nora, is rebuffed but keeps on trying because he honestly can't understand why she wouldn't want him - if that isn't an Italian male I don't know what is????

But I digress, I was talking about posing. Well true to the show dog pedigree of his family our Nick knows exactly what poses show his trim frame and handsome mustaches to advantage. The other day he was laying in the sun and the minute he saw the camera he struck this rather elegant if slightly languid pose.

I'm not sure what he's selling but I'm buying!

21 giugno - San Luigi Gonzaga



what a handsome young devil he is

Blake said...

Hurrah, GPP or HFH picture or Italian male pose. Whatever it is it is great to see Nicky. I can hardly wait to see Nicky and Nora too for real. Thanks Willem for thinking of us puppy junkies. Uncle Pervy

David said...

But you can never post too many pics of beautiful Roberto Bolle, so do if you can.

Willym said...

David: behave yourself this is a family blog - well sort of.

Sling said...

I'm jealous of his mustache..
Love the classic pose though! :)

aisha said...

As much as Bolle is, well, eye candy... nothing can top our Nicky!!!