Saturday, November 28, 2009

Sweet Singing in the Choir

In the same room at the Bode as those beautiful choir stalls there was another stunning example of the woodworker's art from an completely unknown source. The labeling simply says Upper Italy 1531. No further attribution but it again reflects the artistry of the carver and the inlayer.

Again the wood used is walnut with stained veneers and bone for the inlays. The triangular base is ornately carved with symbols of battle and various grotesques and surmounted by a choir book stand.

A left click on the image below will show a close up of the faux-choir book which is a minor masterpiece of trompe oeil. One can almost imagine the cantor singing from it.

The three sides of the base are marquetry panels, one of which serves as a door into what is obviously a storage space.
Rather unusually the subject matters has no Christian symbols that are immediately apparent but all three scenes are of a secular nature. That cat has the strangest markings and is perhaps not the best example of craftsmanship but those instruments look like you could almost pick them up and strum a tune.

28 novembre - San Giacomo della Marca

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Anonymous said...

That cat does look "different". Are those initials on its side? (Maybe the carver's?) Imagine the work that went into each panel too.



wow...just beautiful..i love wood carvings of any kind, but these are really beautiful

yvette said...

These 'pages' on the Bole Museum are
really not like a guided tour, you are
lending me your eyes and personal taste. I will follow your steps in June!(The Bole was closed for refurbis
hment autumn 08 ?). I am impressed by
the piece of carved gregorian chant, possible to sing it, isnt it?