Thursday, November 19, 2009

For Christmas - 1856

The Museum of German History is a wide ranging collection of artifacts tracing the history of the area we call Germany from the earliest settlements to the reunification in 1989.

I guess this was sort of the Easy Bake Oven of its time.

This "Küche Puppe" (kitchen doll) was the perfect gift for the little girl in a middle class house in Thießenin on Christmas 1856. Just the sort of toy that would equip her for her future role in society.

19 novembre - Santa Matilde di Hackeborn


sageweb said...

That is very bizzare..the photo is cool you can see a picture in the background.

Anonymous said...

The German children who received this gift really had to be incredibly organised and tidy. Look at all the tiny implements to keep track of and put away carefully!


Sling said...

Pull up her dress,and a kitchen falls out?..The German side of me delights in the practicality.
The Irish side,..not so much.


when i was a little girl i would have been pissed if i had gone this..i wanted sports gear.