Sunday, November 01, 2009

No Trick This Was a Treat!

With so many kids going around as Superheros and cheesy Disney characters - yes I know I went out at Halloween once as Peter Pan but that was in a homemade costume not something run up in synthetic silk in China - I got the biggest smile when my friend Elaine sent me these photos of Xavier and Felix wearing their Halloween best!

I think young Felix makes a mighty fine pumpkin - but I have a feeling the ghosties and goblins would want to hug him not run away!

And older brother Xavier is a sterling specimen of Zebrahood - now that's not a disguise I would have thought of - so hats off for originality.

I congratulated Elaine on her sewing skills and here's her response:
I'm sorry to say they were store bought...GT Boutique! Maybe one day I'll be the kind of parent who cooks and sews..sigh! ;)
Well I don't know about her cooking and sewing skills but I know she's got being a great mom down real good! And Bob ain't such a bad dad either!!!!

01 novembre - Ognissanti


yvette said...

Felix and Xavier look great! makes a real change from those ghastly evil looking things I saw at my doorstep

Sling said...

They're all so cute! :)

sageweb said...

Wow they turned out good...very cute.


oh how adorable..and look at those fat little legs on the pumpkin..sooo cute.

Bev aka Aisha said...

Weren't you dressed as Peter Pan that time... Oh never mind :)

Willym said...

Bev aka Aisha: Indeed I did but that was the J. M. Barrie one not the sanitized Disney version. And I even include a link to it on the post!