Friday, April 11, 2008

Political Posters

Today is the last day of active campaigning for Sunday's election here in Italy. The outgoing government is the 61st since the end of World War II and in no election has any one party held enough seats to form a majority.

Again it is not my place to comment on the political situation here but I am struck by some of the posters that appear on the streets.

In Reggio Emilia:

Posters in Reggio EmiliaThe first Lega Nord poster simply says: Enough Taxes, Enough Rome! The second with the Indian Head says: They were not able to put rules on immigration. Now they live on Reserves. Think of that!

At my street corner:

Forza PosterThis second poster from Forza Nuova is more disturbing in its imagery.

I must stress that the two parties involved are extremes however I've noticed that at least one of the candidates for Prime Minister has been cultivating a subtle image of a leader from the 30s - except he has decided not to shave off his newly transplanted hair.

11 aprile - San Stanislao


Auld Hat said...

How do you say "Humans are nuts" in Italian?

sageweb said...

Well it still cant be as bad as we have it. I am sick of al l the political stuff here. I like the posters there cuz I cant read them.

Sling said...

Okay..That second one is just scary!