Wednesday, April 09, 2008


I just got back from Reggio Emilia and I'm still excited - yes I know I'm over using that word but I don't know how else to describe it - by what I experienced last night. I'll post a more extensive comment tomorrow but let's just say that it was an overwhelming experience that ended in a gigantic love fest!
Fidelio Curtain Call
The entire ensemble on stage before a cheering audience. This was taken just before Claudio Abbado made his appearance - at which point the house went wilder.

It was very much an ensemble evening and to make that point there were no solo bows. First the Extras took their bows, then the two choruses (men of the Arnold Schoenberg Chor and the entire Coro de la Comunidad de Madrid) with their chorus masters, followed by each soloist, then the entire Mahler Chamber Orchestra came on stage followed by Maestro Abbado. Flowers peppered the stage and in a lovely gesture many were thrown back into the audience. The ovation went on for 25 minutes and they rang down the main curtain three times and even as I was leaving a third of the audience was still there voicing their approval. My hands were red from applauding, my voice a bit hoarse from yelling Bravi and to be honest my eyes still a bit watery from the emotional impact of the evening.

More to follow.

09 aprile - San Antonio Pavnoi


tater said...

Oh Willym, the evening sounds absolutely magnificent! So glad that you had such an enjoyable time. A bag of frozen peas on those hands Mister, Pronto!

Parsifal said...

Sounds great! Wow! Clinton Forbis and Anja Kampe? AND Claudio at the podium?? And you still grumble about life in Rome huh???

sageweb said...

That does sound amazing. You are one lucky dude.

Anonymous said...

wills- glad to know u had a fab time despite the trouble you had looking for an acceptable accomodation suitable to your comfort... i hope the journey there wasn't that bad either!

DoraLong said...

Sounds like a brilliant time all the way around! Give the fun and games you've been having you deserve some fine and memorable times!