Monday, April 07, 2008

Lunedi Lunacy

Jeff mentions a film retrospective to celebrate the career of Bette Davis who was born 100 years ago Saturday past. Here's a little tribute to our Bette:

Craig Russell was a brilliant drag artist who got his start at the old Manatee Club on Maitland St in Toronto (I'm not sure but I have a feeling that this scene was shot there - Toronto posing as New York is not an unknown.) This is a clip from one of his first movie, Outrageous.

I had forgotten - or choose to forget - the way we dressed back then. Somewhere in a box at the bottom of a closet there are pictures of a guy who thought he was very with it: moustache, shag haircut, bell bottoms and vest. Today: the moustache is salt and pepper, the hair - what hair?, the bell bottoms wouldn't fit and the vest wouldn't close.

Sic Transit Gloria! Say wasn't that a song we danced to?

07 aprile - San Giovanni di Baptista de la Salle


Anonymous said...

Craig Russell was from this place I call home.
His uncle was the Mayor.

sageweb said...

I wished I would have come by earlier. you alway make me laugh on Monday.

Anonymous said...

Delightful, as per usual. (:

Jeff said...

Craig, like Bette before him, is fabulous. Let us remember both fondly.

Anonymous said...

It was the Club Manatee an all age gay dance club in Toronto Ontario Canada from 1970 till 1984.
Located at 11 St. Joseph Street.
Here is the "Club Manatee" msn page..