Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Mercoledi Musicale

Just to remind us what they were once capable of - before budgets were cut, when there were people with imagination in charge and the word "culture" was not treated as though it had four letters - the CBC has just released a 10 DVD set of their work with Glenn Gould.  Its a compilation of the concerts, documentaries, interviews and discussion which the famed - and eccentric - pianist filmed with the public broadcaster from 1954 until 1977.  Gould never enjoyed giving concerts - in one interview he maintains that he "detests audiences" and thinks "they are a force of evil". He preferred the solitude of the recording or television studio and he often stated that the future of music lay in recording.

Originally released in 1968 his recording of Mozart's Piano Sonata No 11 in A major has never been missing from the catalogues on vinyl or CD.  The third movement is a familiar one - Alla Turca: Allegretto or more commonly known as the Turkish March - but he gives it an unfamiliar reading.

It is a typical Gould performance - slightly off-beat with his sing-along just audible in the background. He almost plays it if though at a harpsichord and unlike many pianists doesn't race through it.  He reveals a delicacy in the music that I had never noticed before.  I really wasn't sure if I liked it but with repeated hearings it has grown to be one of my preferred versions.

And maybe if we ever get a TV I'll place an order with Santa for that CBC set.

26 ottobre/October - San Folco Scotti di Piacenza e Pavia
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Debra She Who Seeks said...

Love him! Ah yes, the glory years of CBC arts programming. I remember them well. Gone with the wind now, alas.


typical me..all I got out of that was you don't have a tv..ha