Monday, October 31, 2011

È arrivato

You may recall that a week ago Friday - October 21 - Laurent dropped a small parcel in the mail destined for my friend Marco the Napoletano in Roma. I took a small - very small survey - and the general feeling was that it would take between 10 and 14 days to reach him. Myself, based on previous experience - hey 62 days isn't all that bad from Canada to Italy,  it took Phineas Fogg 80 days to go around the world - I guessed 20 or more but wouldn't you know it Post Canada and Poste Italiane proved me wrong.

I received an SMS from Marco to tell me that when he got home from a trip to Sicilia this afternoon (October 31) there it was waiting for him. Now this could mean that it reached him last Thursday or Friday or perhaps today. But wither it was 7, 8 or 11 days its still pretty bloody impressive.

Way to go Post Canada and Poste Italiane - now you've really built up my expectations.  Still not as good as the record 4 days with Vatican Post to Post Canada of a few years back but ....

31 ottobre/October - Santa Lucillia di Roma

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Jacques said...

Davvero Incredibile! Particularly considering the fact, at least in Northern Italy, that it has been a Holiday weekend and Friday was a public service sector strike and many made a "ponte" of Monday. I was amongst the survey's naysayers, so I have to admit I thought mush worse of Poste Italiane than they deserved.