Sunday, July 03, 2011

Ho Visto*

A few random photos of things I've seen on the streets of Roma in the dwindling days of my time here.

As I was walking home late the other evening from a farewell dinner at our friend Joe's I happened upon this rather imperious puss. I'm not sure if he is one of the many strays that I am tempted to say "infest" the streets or belongs to someone. He seems well looked well fed and groomed so chances are he may even belong to the owner of the motorino he is guarding.

I know! I know! The shoe thing again! So here I am yesterday taking Nora to the vets - both of the HFH have tonsillitis, I didn't even know that dogs have tonsils! - and as we headed down a side street there they were sitting by a wall. Perfectly set as if they were in someone's shoe closet, a seemingly good pair of men's shoes. This is the second or third time I've come across something like this on the streets of Rome - someone scared right out of their shoes?  - alien abduction? - someone with a sense of humour that wants someone like me puzzling over something like this?  I'm not honestly sure. And a day later they are still there - untouched!

I walk by the gas pumps at Piazza Galeno almost daily - sometimes twice as this is one of the paths for the walks with the HFH - and have become quite friendly with one of the attendants there.  From Bangladesh he is one of the many "guest" workers here - speaks three languages, learning a fourth, computer savey and a cricket enthusiast; much to Nicky's annoyance  he and I often stop for a chat.  Probably because my eyes are always either at ground level or lower - if its on the ground Nora thinks its food - I had honestly never noticed this incredible tree (I'm thinking its an azalea but I'll let my plant loving friend correct me on that) growing up out of the sidewalk, its trunk bent to accommodate the ESSO sign.  But late last night walking home from the Metro it was glowing white in the dark - a few spent flowers peppering the ground - and I saw something that had been there for three years for the very first time.

*I Saw

03 lulgio - San Tommaso Didimo


Moni said...

Ciao Willym,

... now I have to post a comment to you... since I read here so long and quiet :-)

That tree is really beautiful... and it is, I think, a hibiscus tree. Azaleas would have different flowers.

Anyway... I really like reading your blog :-)

Italy is a place where I wouldn't mind living one day... (hopefully soon) and I like your way of reporting and seeing everything :-)


Debra She Who Seeks said...

I have fond memories of the stray cats at the Coliseum. One of them especially was a good looking, if somewhat mangey, tabby. He posed for tourist snapshots on a large block of stone but would not let anyone touch him.

Esther in Vancouver said...

Some years, the weather conditions are perfect for a certain plant or a tree and thus appear outstanding when in years previous they were not. This might have been the year for this Rose of Sharon. Beautiful!