Saturday, July 23, 2011

Another Bridge Crossed

As they often do the New Yorker managed to make a pertinent comment on what is happening in the city it celebrates. Tomorrow is the first day that same-sex couples will be allowed to marrry in New York State and the cover of this week's magazine celebrates with a touch of their trademark wry humour.
Wedding Season by Barry Blitt*
Its a big step - I know we took it four years ago this past week - and I wish everyone taking it today all happiness and good things.

*Cartoonist Barry Blitt took a bit of flack from his Royal Wedding cover a few months ago - but I thought it was a hoot at the time.  A left click here will reveal a retrospective of some of his controversial but always humorous takes on things current and topical.

23 lulgio - Santa Brigida di Svenzia


Debra She Who Seeks said...

I enjoyed looking through his past covers at the link you provided. He's done some real scorchers over the years! I remember how much controversy was stirred up by the one he did of Michelle and Barack Obama as Muslim terrorists in the White House. Hee hee!

yvette said...

Simple expression the 'Bridge ' one and yet very true. This is great news, but not here I'm afraid... What made me laugh is the He-Jab...and Marilyn 'happy .M.President' revisited...! Good day, sunshine ! thanks!


can't believe as much crap is wrong with our country that can be fixed, the far right is fixated on gay marriages and abortions..sigh*...
goddess bless to all.