Sunday, June 12, 2011

One Last Kick at the Can

One of the unexpected thrills of the past year or so has been reporting on performances at La Scala for my friends at Opera Britannia. On five occasions I have headed up to Milano,  approached the Box Office on Via Filodrammatici  and asked for my press ticket.  How cool is that?  Me with press tickets at La Scala! How I wish my father could have seen that. 

However as the time to leave draws closer I realize I am doing things for what is probably the last time.  This past Monday's trip up to Milano was the last of that sort that I will be making to view and review a performance at what is arguably the world's most famous opera house.  And the review, which was published last evening,  will most likely be the last I will be doing with any regularity for my friends at OB.   That trip had a bittersweet flavour to it and what would be more appropriate than Charles Gounod's take on Shakespeare's most bitter-sweet tragedy - Roméo et Juliette.  Not produced at La Scala since 1934 it also had the added interest of featuring the very talented Canadian conductor Yannik Nézet-Séquin in his debut at the house. A left click on the poster will take you to my views on the opening night performance.

I can't thank Faye at Opera Britannia enough - first for taking me on as a member of her reviewing team and then for putting up with missed deadlines and using all of her editing skills to make my articles almost readable.  Big bunch of baci Faye and buon compleanno!

12 giugno - San Barnaba apostolo

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Debra She Who Seeks said...

Clearly, you're a fearless reporter too!

David said...

They're lucky to have you. Less so the less-than-gentleman who booed the extraordinary ENO Midsummer Night's Dream a couple of rows behind me and suggested in his review that the Britten Estate should sue...