Monday, June 27, 2011

Lunedi Lunacy

Lest that vile rumour that has been going around that I have a shoe fetish gain any credence I thought I would post a few photos of something else I found a bit "lunatic" in a shop window in Ravenna this past weekend.  Apparently these bags are very high fashion - and I might add high priced - that little tomato number - only €105.00 ($149.00).  And who wouldn't want to be seen strolling through the market with that clutched firmly in hand?

And a reminder that a left click will give you a closer look at these haute couture creations in another window.

Myself I rather like the snails but I'm not really that sure what would be worn to compliment them? Something garlicy and buttery???

And yes there are shoes in the pictures - not my fault! The store just happened to sell shoes as well!

27 giugno - San Cirillo di Alessandria

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yvette said...

What about the Halloween one? And if I can see properly it is not that expensive (if it is leather) Prices are much higher here! (very fine post, I enjoy that topic of yours a lot!thanks)

Debra She Who Seeks said...

We understand, Willym. We understand.

Anonymous said...

Hate to tell you but 105 euro for a leather purse isn't a bad price. Check out a Prada window and you'll get a nasty surprise.

I'm kind of liking some of them - the crown, the tomato/pumpkin?, and the snail would be fun to own.



for once I love the purses more than the shoes.