Tuesday, November 02, 2010

A Prayer for All Souls

This lovely, simple Welsh song of grief and hope asks for rest for one soul but on this day I think it can serve to ask that all souls of those we love may rest in peace.

Myn Mair - O Mary

My pennorth* I'll offer for a soul in prison,
My candle I'll offer in the church in the vale,
The Mass I'll pray earnestly, seven times seven,
To save his immortal soul.
O Mary, O Mary.

St. Paul and St. Peter, all the saints of heaven,
And Mary, God's Mother, plead strongly,
That he may have peace and dear liberty,
Paradise open, and the arms of his Father.
O Mary, O Mary.

Mother of Jesus, the fairest of earth's women,
Maidenly Queen of all of the heavens,
Lovely lily of the valley, worthy rose of heaven,
Intercede in fervour for the soul of my friend.
O Mary, O Mary.


In most Latin cultures this is known as the Day of the Dead but I have always preferred the more gentle sound of the English tradition of calling it All Soul's Day.

For Ryan, Deb, Steven, Frank, Susan, Albert and Isabella and those we still hold dear in hearts and minds if not in our arms.

02 novembre - La Commemorazione dei defunti


Debra She Who Seeks said...

A beautiful and haunting melody.

David said...

Lovely. But I'm confused - if Hallowe'en is 31 October, how come the day itself is 2 November? Assuming it is All Hallows'/Souls' Eve?

Anyway we lit our candles on the eve anyway, happening to be in a holy place, and remembered.

Anonymous said...

Thank you - beautiful

Willym said...

David: All Hallows Eve being All Holy Ones Eve - followed then by All Saints - all the Holy Ones and then just so they won't be forgotten - All Souls - guess that those who did make it to Holy?????