Monday, November 15, 2010

Ho Visto*

Yesterday was a typical Roman October day: it started cloudy, the streets damp from the early morning humidity, then blinding warming sunshine and by late afternoon as the sun set a chill came in the air again. Layering was definitely the clothing watchword for the day. Most of the afternoon was spent in the Porta San Giovanni area. First, Sunday pranzo at Canavota, one of those wonderful family owned trattoria that has been around for ages. And being Roma and a Sunday we ran into Robert, our oldest friend here, and Paul another acquaintance who was visiting for a few days - the world is small.

After lunch it was a quick ascent up the Scala Sancta which tradition says Santa Helena had brought back from Jerusalem. Okay we didn't do it on our knees but did a quick jog up the adjacent staircase. No indulgences for us! Then over to San Giovanni in Laterno. It's been almost two years since I had been inside what is officially the Pope's parish church here in Roma. It has one of the most beautiful ceilings and some of the most fascinating inlaid flooring of any of the major churches in Rome. We took a quick go round of the cloister to look at a few of the artifacts stored there and, as always came across a few surprises.

Hidden away in a corner of the Cloister, behind a set of 13th century doors and nestled amongst bits and pieces of sarcophagi are the Holy Vending Machines. I'm not sure if they are from Antioch or where exactly Santa Helena would have found them but they do have a slightly Monty Pythonistique air to them.

And a short walk down Viale Carlo Felice found us at Santa Croce in Gerusalemme for a look at another set of relics that Santa Helena brought back on her shopping trip from the Holy Land. And it was nice to see that the posted signs had their required effect.

To be perfectly honest it doesn't really say anything about not defacing the sign does it? Just not to walk on the grass, spray paint (or is that use insecticide?), fight (or maybe disco dance?) and throw garbage on the grounds.

*I've saw.

15 novembre - Sant'Alberto Magno
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Debra She Who Seeks said...

The holy vending machines gave me a good Monday morning laugh! Thanks!