Thursday, November 11, 2010

Lest We Forget - Part II

My dear friend Diana asked me to write something for the Canadian Club of Rome blog for Remembrance Day and I felt that an adaptation of a posting I did two years ago would explain, particularly to our Italian members, the significance of the poppy we wore today and on the past few days. In reading over it I realized that the symbolize of the poppy and its history bears repeating.

This is a memorial at the birthplace, in Guelph, Ontario, of Colonel John McCrae the author of "In Flanders Fields". A right click on the photo will take you to a brief history of the poppy, its association with Remembrance Day and this well-known poem.

Once again - we must not dwell on the past but we must remember it and those who died so that we may freely remember it.

11 novembre - Remembrance Day

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David said...

Very eloquent, Will. I heard a Holocaust survivor on the radio a couple of days ago saying the wise words: 'I remember the past, but I have faith in the future'.