Saturday, September 11, 2010

Lux Perpetua Luceat Eis

I have my own memories of that day - our worry and concern for our family - Sophie, Andrew, Neil - in New York City. The horror of watching it all happening, the numbness and the "dear god this is only a dream, please!" feeling of it all. But what we at a distance felt was nothing compared to what those on the ground witnessed or felt and feel to this day.

A right click on this powerful image will take you to a post that Joe Jarvis has shared with us for the past 6 years and I hope will continue to share as we remember, mourn and pray to what ever god we worship that this will never come to pass again - anywhere!

Requiéscant in pace.

11 settembre



that was a great story by Joe. first time I had read it. why is there still just a damn hole in the ground there after all this time.?

Debra She Who Seeks said...

The Columns of Light Memorial is such a powerful image of strength, survival and defiance. There was Canadian technology involved in creating it, if I recall correctly.