Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Amacord - Waiting for the Rex

One of my favorite scenes in Amarcord is one of those incredible sequences that only Fellini could do without it seeming coy and fake - though the whole thing is obviously shot on a sound stage it has an innocent truth to it that makes it wonderfully believable.

The SS Rex - the largest ship in the Italian Liner fleet - is scheduled to pass near the town on its way to New York. The entire town has set out in every boat available and it turns into a festa. As the hours pass darkness has set in and Gradisca, the town beauty, becomes sentimental about what she wants in life - what every good woman wants - a loving husband and children. By midnight everyone, even the blind accordionist, has fallen asleep but the liner's foghorn awakens them. To calls of greeting and wishes of success what must be the biggest ship in creation plows its way through the little flotilla.

Pure cinema magic!

07 settembre - Santa Regina
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