Thursday, May 27, 2010

Salzburger Zeitung - An Overview with Dessert

Several people have asked when I will get around to writing about the various events of this year's Whitsun Festival. I been working on postings but unlike in the past two years I found that there was nothing that really grabbed me that motivated me to write with great enthusiasm. Not that any of the performances were bad - far from it, just that they did not generate the same excitement as in previous years. We didn't have a Andreas Scholl or Phillippe Jaroussky to dazzle us; nor my friends from Accordone to share their wonderful visions of Napoli; nor did Fabio Bondi unwrap another forgotten gem for us. And though Riccardo Muti did bring his incredible talents and those of his Orchestra Giovanile Luigi Cherubini to a relatively unknown Mozart piece he, for reasons that I'm sure are valid, felt that Jommelli was worthy of our attention once again this year.

I will have a few thoughts and opinions on the Festival posted shortly but in the meantime I thought I post a few photos of our favorite bartender Gunther serving us desert on Monday night.

Laurent had joking asked for a Baked Alaska, Gunther decided that Salzburger Nockerl would be the closest we'd come to it.

A 7 egg souffle, laced with vanilla sugar and cream then sauced with cranberry compote it was the perfect end to our last meal of the visit.

Looking at the line up for next year's Whitsun Festival does not exactly have me rushing at this point to book seats; though at the suggestion of genial host at the Hotel Bristol we are investigating the Mozart Week in January. The programme looks very interesting and it would be a great opportunity to see Salzburg in Winter and have another helping of Salzburger Nockerl.

27 maggio - Sant'Agostino di Canterbury


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Debra She Who Seeks said...

I second that motion.

Blake said...

Now, are we referring to the dessert or Gunther. Although the dessert looks and sounds delicious I think I would prefer Gunther. Dirty Old Uncle Pervy.

Sybil said...

Le Festival de Sablé is really nice.
Also, in "The Loire", private castles can be visited, during July and August (only).

Frank said...

We are still waiting for your opinion and thoughts concerning Muti's performance etc.
Willy, will you, please, write about it?