Thursday, May 20, 2010

Life's Little Inequalities

Just imagine your rather well known in the music world then along comes this little kid who starts getting all the attention. He's your little brother and you love him but he's a foul-mouthed spoiled little brat. Not only that you're forced into marriage, your talents and career sidelined and the kid goes on to eventual fame if not fortune.

Than in the nutshell is the story of Nannerl Mozart's life. Mozart's older sister she had a career of her own until little Wolfie came along and spoiled everything. Sitting on the laps of Kings, Queens and Emperors, simpering in his playpen as he composes a few symphonies, or the odd cantata and then polishing off an opera between games of stick ball and hop-scotch and everyone thinks he's the greatest.

Hell they even have this fancy statute to him in the Burg Park in Vienna - mind you they waited until he had been dead a while before they all of a sudden came over all proud of him.

So where's the statue to Nannerl? How do they remember her in Vienna?
As coffee, lemon and peppermint schnapps!!!!! Is that anyway to be remembered? Oh the bitterness of it all. Enough to make a girl turn to drink.

But wait a minute there on the shelf just above - wouldn't you know he'd be on the upper shelves - what's this? Why its a sweet named after little Wolfie: Mozartkugeln.
Better known to the locals as - snigger, snort - Mozart's Balls! Maybe coffee schnapps isn't such a bad thing after all.

20 maggio - San Bernadino da Siena

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Debra She Who Seeks said...

Alas, Nannerl Mozart's story is that of any talented female musician in that historical era, isn't it? And what about Fanny Mendelssohn in the next century? It's only today that women musicians and composers are starting to have the same kind of professional careers as men. Finally!