Sunday, March 07, 2010

Life's Little Surprises

I was opening letters at work on Friday and was a bit surprised when I saw this stamp on a letter from Albania. Apparently 50 Leke is worth about 5 cents.I'm not sure what the connection between young Harry and Albania is but I suppose it beats a portrait of ex-King Zog.

And on scrawled on a sign at the entrance to Via Appia Antica was this rather touching plea - though given the speed with which on coming traffic approaches the marito would have to have keen sight or be, like us, on foot.

To my husband from your wife - I love you - come back.

And my first thoughts about how this sign outside a restaurant should be translated had me wondering if as advertising it was just a tad defeatist. However Qui nun se more ma does not mean - as I first thought - No one dies here anymore..
What it means, very loosely translated, is: Here no one will starve to death.

Silly observations that suggest perhaps I should get a more interesting life but ....

7 marzo - Santi Perpetua e Felicita


sageweb said...

I love you little translation fact if I ever open up a bar I am going to put a sign up that says, no one ever dies here....

more cowbell said...

Personally, i think it shows how interesting life can be with just a little knowledge of another language.