Sunday, February 28, 2010

Missing in Action But Still Around

Things have been a little crazy around here the past week or so. As a result I haven't been either able or in some cases up to doing a regular post - even those easy ones like Mercoledi Musicale. This time it isn't the infamous "blogger's block" just life.

First there was the trip to London - just too much going on to do much other than take pictures, go to the theatre, museums and concerts, eat and meet up with a wonderful fellow blogger and his partner.

Second there was the kids' birthday - okay that didn't take up that much time just an extra biscuit on "the day" but Nora was under the weather - oh look something unspeakable on the sidewalk let's eat it and see what it will do to our digestive system! Now that could set me off on a rant about the bloody people here who don't pick up after their dogs but that is for another day.

Third the visit to the Corsini Library and its wonders.

Fourth, and probably the biggest - I'm back to working full time at the Embassy for a few months. I won't go into the details - at times they were just too Machiavellian for words - but every morning I am now arising at 0630 and merrily trudging my way into the office. Hey its will pay for the upcoming trips!

So all and all its been a bit of a dog's breakfast - sorry Nora. I am honestly working on something about those first three items, the fourth we will leave to God and her Angels to inscribe in the Book of Life. In the meantime I'm off to boot camp with the kids - this week we'll learn how I should respond to the command "Down"!

28 febbraio - San Romano di Condat


Anonymous said...

You have been missed and I'm glad to hear it is "only" life that is keeping you away. Of course if you are having health problems look after youself!


i missed you...glad your back.did you get to see any of the olympics?

Elizabeth said...

Good luck with the full-time work! I know that the office has its own special ... stresses! Hope it doesn't drive you around the bend.

yvette said...

6.30 am...Sounds exhausting! Don't wear yourself out! Faithful readers need you! The little ones seem very comfortable and relaxed...

sageweb said...

well I hope Nora feels better soon..and you have a great time working..hahaha. Oh and Yay for Canada.