Friday, February 05, 2010

Big Blue Screen

Okay this is going to be one of those days.

I had a dentist appointment - fine not a problem I fall asleep in the dentist's chair, in fact Olivero, my dentist, refers to me as "un paziente modello". Which does not mean I look like the boys in the D&G ads just that I keep my mouth open, my vocal cords closed and don't get a look of panic on my face when I hear a drill!

I had a few things to get cleared up at the Embassy - also not a problem I had not said hello to a few of the people since before Christmas. Gave me a chance to have lunch with a few friends and catch up on vacations etc.

The dogs were suppose to go to boot camp but it started to rain - not a problem they hate the rain and playing in the mud did not appeal to me in the least. And we can do a bit of the training in the hallway here.

So why is it going to be one of those days?

Well I turned on the PC and got the BIG BLUE SCREEN and it tells me that Windows has shut down because of something called an Unmountable_Boot_Volume. Sounds sort of S and Mish doesn't it? Now that is a problem because the PC has my PhotoShop application and the photos I took the last few days at the Biblioteca Angelica. And I am in the middle of three posts on that particular little jaunt. Fortunately I hadn't removed those pictures from my camera and also fortunately I have the IBook - which I am using more and more.

There is a solution to this error - provided I have a Boot disc. Now that is a problem because Dell, in their wisdom, did not provide a boot disc; apparently it is on a separate partition on the Hard Drive. Thing is now to find it - which I'm sure I will be able to do. It just seems like such a waste of time; time that would be better spent sauntering down the street to the local MAC store and having a look at the new IMac. I just talked my friend Marco into buying a MAC - well more like guided him on a path he wanted to take anyway. He was a confirmed Windows user - he now is sold on MAC.

And no what makes you think I'm trying to justify a new computer? I'm perfectly happy with my PC - if I can get it to work! Honestly!

05 febbraio - Sant'Agata


Doralong said...

Once you go Mac, you'll never go back baby. But then again you know how deeply I love my iMac :)

evilganome said...

What Doralong said. Fer' serious, I've been a Mac user for years and honestly don't understand Windows continued popularity.

sageweb said...

I have a mac and LOVE it..I have to work on a pc at work and it is like the stone age.


i liked the part about the rain and the puppies the rest was in italian..