Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Mercoledi Musicale

Okay I'm not doing this to upset any of my friends back home but we've been sweltering here in Italy for the past few weeks. Here in Rome it reached 39c yesterday and 38c today with more to come. Even late at night you can feel the heat radiating off those "romantic" cobblestones and if it cools down to 30c you're happy. By the seashore at Pesaro it was bearable but here in the city its just bloody miserable. In fact if you ask me "Its Too Darn Hot!"

I was looking for the movie version of this number from Cole Porter's Kiss Me Kate as I recalled it became a big dance number for Ann Miller. But I came across this clip from the London 2001-2002 revival. In the original Broadway show the number featured a fairly minor character called Paul - here played by the very talented Nolan Frederick. They do say that the best way to fight to heat is to work but a sweat and boy does he work up a sweat!

And to my friends in North America - particularly in the East, sorry about the rain! Did I mention it was going to be 38c and sunny tomorrow... and Friday.. and Saturday... and okay I'll shut up now.

19 agosto - San Giovanni Eudes



i never could figure out the 35c or what unless its 101 heat index off..haha

AMOROMA said...

yes, it is hot! I saw the musical when it had the revival on Broadway a few years ago. Larry