Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A Note on Nora

Well our Nora is recuperating from her operation but not without some problems. As the drugs wear off the soreness set in and she took to licking her incision. This caused irritation and there was a possibility of infection. So this morning she and I made a trip to the vet's - she walked the six blocks back with much stopping to smell, if not the roses, then the souvenirs of other dogs along with way. And she also was more than pleased that there was a water fountain on the way. She has taken to immersing her head in the stream of water to get a drink - not a bad idea when the thermometer is hitting 38c.

Dr Porcino, who has several daschies of his own, recommended either an Elizabethan collar or a baby's jumper as a deterrent. We decided the jumper would be too hot in this weather so went for the collar.

Is there anything sadder than a puppy in one of those damn collars? In the top photo we have Nora as noble sufferer; then we get the pathetic puppy look that is guaranted to cause guilt in the soul of the uncaring bastard that put that thing around her neck.

And Nora must have read a few of the comments I got because she's been making Nicky pay for remaining intact. He can't go anywhere near her at the moment without get a low threatening growl and a snap. He's use to the play fighting and is totally confused by what's going on. Like its his fault? And of course we will pay for the collar with loss of sleep if she decides to move around during the night.

25 agosto - San Luigi IX di Francia


Elizabeth said...

Poor, poor, pitiful pupster! How could that mean mean man make you wear that terribly out-of-date fashion accessory? It's not the pain and itching she minds, it's looking tacky. She is an Italian girl after all!

Doralong said...

She wants her tasteful big girl collar, not that thing!

sageweb said...

Oh she is wearing the cone of shame...poor thing..I hope she gets better soom.


she is sooo going to chew up something you love

RG said...

That look on her face is priceless. It's like, "You know when this thing comes off you're dead meat!"