Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Saigon When It Sizzles

It was a long haul but finally got here after 36 hours of travelling. Smooth flights, not a ripple so only had to take two of those little brown pills! However there was a moment or two of panic just as we were landing in Ho Chi Minh - We almost touched down and next thing we were up going up and around again for second approach. Apparently a "small flap problem" according to the Pilot. United is flying old 747s into HCMC from Hong Kong and call me cynical but I had the feeling that both the Chief Steward and Pilot may have flown in there a couple of decades ago in a different capacity! But I must must be getting better at this flying thing, Laurent only has light bruising on his right arm.

I was totally wiped when we arrived but the ride into town gave me second wind so after we arrived at the Rex Hotel we had to have a nightcap on the Rooftop Garden Bar . It definitely has atmosphere and as long as the Celine Dion wannabe wasn't contriving to delight us even the music had a 70s style to it.

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