Monday, March 10, 2014

Lunedi Lunacy

Les Beaux Frères' towel routine has been going the rounds of the internet for the past few weeks - 4 million hits on the YouTube site I found this one on - but just in case anyone has missed it or wants to see it again:  Voilà

Yohann Trepanier and Raphaël Dubé are both from Quebec and graduates of the famous École national de cirque in Montreal and the École de ciruqe de Quebec.  They formed their duo act Les Beaux Frères back in 2007 and have appeared with Cirque du Soleil, Cirque Eloise and toured throughout Europe and North America.  I'm pretty sure they aren't fréres but they certainly are beaux.

Their talents extend well beyond doing the fully monty and include some incredible cycle and juggling routines - all with that slight wry twist that marks them as new age circus artists.  More of their routines can be seen on their website: Les Beaux Fréres.

March 10 - 1749:  Lorenzo Da Ponte, Italian poet and librettist of three Mozart operas is born in Ceneda (Vittorio Veneto). (d. August 17 1838)

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very funny.. I was rooting for dropped towel.

David said...

Indeed - que ces sont beaux! And it's a consummate act. Another thing that's been doing the Facebook rounds which I can't recommend too strongly, as it's one of the wisest as well as the wittiest speeches I've ever seen, is Tim Minchin's address to Oz arts students. I;ve circulated it to the student godchildren.