Saturday, March 08, 2014

A Breath of Feathery Yellow

Today is International Women's Day though I always found the Italian La Festa della Donna a more joyful and less ponderous title and for me the singular suggests that you are each woman as an individual not as a collective. It also appears that back in the early 1900s when the idea was first broached it was suggested as Day of the Woman. A more complete history of the path to this day to celebrate the achievements of women can be found here on Wikipedia.

Unfortunately I am not near to the many women who have add so much to my life.  Friends: childhood friends, work friends and colleagues (not always the same thing), friends I've met in my travels, friends I have made here on the internet through blogging and Facebook and friends I have made in my various homes around the world.  I won't even try to start naming names - the list would last forever and I would be sure to forget someone (old people do that). 

As I've mentioned on other March 8th postings, in Italy the tradition is to give the women in your life a sprig of mimosa as a token of your love, affection and appreciation.  I only wish that I could give each one a sprig of this joyous little flower in person but once again this year a virtual bouquet will have to suffice.

Thank you for the joy, the knowledge, the frustrations (we can all be frustrating), at times the anger (ditto for anger), the love, the wisdom and the caring that you have brought into my life.

Tanti abbracci e dopo - Many hugs and then many more!

March 8 - International Women's Day protests in St. Petersburg mark the beginning of the February Revolution (so named because it was February on the Julian calendar).


Anonymous said...

What a lovely post! Thanks for the good wishes.


Ur-spo said...

I too thought this lovely
I have never heard of this day. I am curious about the reasons why there is nothing about it here in the States. I suppose the conservatives would see it as some sort of feminist overtaking. And the businesses would try to make it another Valentines Day.

David said...

What a lovely idea, the mimosa: seems more Scandinavian than Italian, but then the Italians are always full of surprises and self-contradictions.

And the little factoid at the bottom of your column is fascinating. What a disgrace, then, that the women who gathered with Ukrainian flags and flowers in Sevastopol were whipped, like Pussy Riot, by the awful Cossacks (for fascists, Putin, look no further than your own back yard).