Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Bloggus Interruptus

It’s been a fantastic trip so far – so many wonderful things, people, foods, wines and places. And as always the Azamara Quest has been a great place to call home – nice cabin, great staff, good food and excellent sailing. Well okay there were those unexpected hiccups – not being able to dock in Sorrento, having to miss Trapani because of an approaching storm and two days at sea spent on the edge of said storm tossing and rolling like a rubber ducky in a kid’s bathtub. But its those little hiccups that give a vacation added fun – well okay those two days weren’t exactly fun so let’s say: give a vacation added dimension.

Sidd and the Quest in Valencia - he's been seriously thinking about that Join the Navy and See the World slogan - provided there aren't too many rough sea days!

This morning at 0400 we docked in Seville – note I said in not near – in one of the most elegant and complicated maneuvers I’ve seen from a ship our size. Yes we were up at 0300 to watch it all: gliding under a bridge with only feet to spare, a pivoting turn in a small basin and an slow, graceful backing-down a two kilometer channel to our berth at one of the main bridges in town. I might add we slid into the berth with nary a bump being felt. Captain Smith is some sailor!

On a calm sea day Sidd enjoyed breakfast on the balcony, strategically place right at the stern of the Quest.

It’s our last day on the Quest and then tomorrow we’re off to a hotel for a few more days in Seville. One of the few things I will complain about on Azamara is the cost of the Internet – frankly its astronomical! They do warn that it is not the fastest in the world but what they don’t mention is that you will have to dip into the kids’ college fund to pay for it – well okay given the age of most of the passengers make that the grand-kids’ college fund.

And they do really fine Bloody Marys up on the Pool Deck - and no that isn't Karl Lagerfeld joining him - just some strange guy who keeps following him around.

As anyone who knows that has read this blog for any length of time my posts tend to be photo, link and reference heavy. The posts I’ve been working on (woodwork at the Monastery of Pedrables, unusual statues in a church in Valencia, memorable food, strange Gothic creatures at the Silk Market et al) are no different. A combination of the slow and the charges make loading most of my blog posts a costly affair while on the ship. Text is no problem – you work in Word, copy and paste. It’s the research, downloading and uploading that eats away at the time and in our case Nick and Nora’s obedience training fund – and let’s admit it with the HFH that fund better be bottomless.

All this to say I’ve got posts in the works however they will have to wait until I get free, or at least less costly, Wi-Fi.

November 12 -1943:YellowDog Granny (our darling JackieSue), one hot Texas pistol, was born.


Lara said...

Well we certainly appreciate the posts thus far!

Perhaps Sidd isn't paying you enough to act as his travel guides; you should probably negotiate a better salary next time.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Watch that guy, Sidd -- he's after your Bloody Mary!

Nice shout-out to YDG, Will. Yes, she is one hot Texas pistol alright and not cooling off any at 70.

Ur-spo said...

Does Mr. Sidd drink/steal cocktails? If so I fear he is going to be given a nasty slap on the head for taking Mr. L's beverage.