Sunday, July 21, 2013

Candy? Iron? Wood?

Choices! Choices!

According to one of those lists on that is the choice I have when it comes to getting Laurent a gift to celebrate our 6th wedding anniversary.

July 21 - 2007: In our friend Joelle's garden with Elaine who married us - I remember her as a
little girl at Air Canada Christmas parties.  Though it was a glorious sunny day the small lantern
was lit to represent all our friends who could not be with us that day.

A traditional gift would be:
  • Candy - to symbolize the sweetness of our love
  • Iron - to represent the strength of our marriage
Apparently a more modern gift would be:
  • Wood - to signify a long-lasting and solid relationship
If I were to choose something sparkly and blingy it would be in:
  • Amythest
  • Turquoise
 Should I wish to celebrate in colour they suggest:
  • purple
  • turquoise
  • white (?????)
And if I'm going to say it with flowers:
  • calla lilies - which signify "magnificent beauty" in the language of flowers
And we could celebrate by:
  • Making candy together
  • Planting a tree together:
- An oak represents solidity
- A pine represents the evergreen character of our love
- A flaming red maple represents the flaming passion we have for each other
- A flowering crab (?) tree represents love eternal
Choices! Choices!

I think we'll just wish each other Happy Anniversary, thank each other and the powers that be for six - well okay actually 34 if you could the 29 year engagement - years together, hug, walk the dogs and go to the Lieutenant's Pump for breakfast.  Beats the heck out of candy, iron or wood!

Just before we exchanged our vows, our Reesie decided he wanted to be picked up.
Laurent has a picture of the three of us and further memories of the day on his blog.

Happy Anniversary P....l from P.....g.

July 21 - 356 BC: The Temple of Artemis in Ephesus, one of the Seven Wonders of the World, is destroyed by arson.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Happy Anniversary! I shall refrain from all double entendres.

David said...

Much fairer gifts to be had for your REAL anniversary, surely - what's that, golden, diamond? Maybe it's only my perspective, but I always think in terms of that - our 25th - rather than the very splendid claiming of civil rights we took up close to its inception here, oh, I don't even KNOW how many years ago.

But congrats on the wedding anniversary anyway.


if your going for turquoise..the Navajo make a wedding's round band with small stones set in the circle.I still have mine.
congratulations and many more.

yvette said...

It so moving and nice. I wanted to tell you both when I read it first simply to be as happy as you look that day because it also gives happiness around you!