Sunday, April 14, 2013


Oh for heaven's sake get your minds out of the gutter - this is a family blog!!!  Well sort of a family blog.  And brief as it will be this post is more like a word of warning than anything else.  I'm back!

I received so many e-mails and comments from friends and family about being MIA for the past month - well okay two e-mails and one comment in passing! - that I felt it was necessary I assure my fan base that I am alive and, if not quite 100%, well.  Though I've had all kinds of ideas for postings - some of which I actually started - I've found that after a day spent hunkered in front of not one but two screens writing and editing, the appeal of doing the same thing when I come home to my chaste and vacant couch is not all that great.

So of late I have been returning to the comfort of the home fires, having a cup of tea, playing with the HFH, having  a little nap, eating our simple meal with a glass of vin ordinaire, playing with the HFH, taking the medications that will if not cure then lessen what ails me, walking the HFH, then heading to the comforts of our big old four poster to fall asleep over a chapter of whatever book I happen to be reading.

However in the past few days I've felt a need to get back to postings of some sort, if not with the alarming regularity of the past.  Its not that there is a lack of things happening in Ottawa - though life here is not as crowded with incident as it was when we lived overseas it still has more than its share of pleasures.  There have been evenings of dance, drama and music; exhibitions to see and ponder over; restaurants and eateries; and friends and colleagues to enjoy good times with.  No it isn't Europe and it may not be as exciting as it once was but my life is still pretty damned good.

So I'll attempt to finish off some of those finer posts that taunt me in their drafted state,  perhaps do a few new things and see if I can get back into the swing of things.

So it appears that, for the moment at least,  I'M BACK!

April 14 - 1828:  Noah Webster copyrights the first edition of his dictionary.


David said...

Good news, I hope the prod did some good. Though Laurent wrote that you were fine, so now I'm a bit concerned again. Anyway, you have that glorious jaunt around central Europe to look forward to - should be a lovely time of year for it. Our spring has just begun, and I really believe today is the first of many rather than a one-off, like the other two sunny days turned out to be.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Welcome back! I'm looking forward to your posts!