Friday, February 03, 2012

Neve, Neve, Andare Via!*

I know its been over six months since I left Roma and Italy but I realize that my friend Rebecca was right when she said "give it a year".  Every so often I get an wave of homesickness for the place and, most especially, the people and today when I received photos of Roma in the snow from those people  was one of those "oftens".  Yes I know we have snow here in Ottawa - boy do we have snow, and freezing rain and -35c days - but its not the same.  Here snow is a daily thing and a bother, there its a rarity and romantic.  Well okay its romantic except for no buses, no trains, motorini buried under snow, icy cobble stone streets and the mess when it turns to slush.

Today for the first time in many years - though I do remember a brief snow storm two years ago - it snowed in Roma and snow is forecast for the next few days.  North of Firenze it has been dire - temperatures in the minus teens and snow.. lots and lots of snow.  Not that snow is an unknown in these areas, just that this past few days have been exceptional - but understand there is no climate change!

But I digress - often according to some of the finest psychoanalysts a sign of denial.  I awoke this morning (afternoon his time) to these photos that my friend Marco sent as he attempted to get home from work - his being the motorino buried in the snow.

Piazza della Repubblica looks even more romantic in that half-light you get
with falling snow and cloudy skies - and its almost devoid of traffic.
I'm not sure as Marco didn't identify the venue
but I think this is the main station at Termini - equally devoid of traffic???
Then later in the day - evening his time - cher Lionel sent this photo of Piazza Navona in the evening snow.  If I read his posting correctly - and from what I've heard from other people about buses having problems getting up those Seven Hills of Rome - he walked the 3.5 kms from our old neighborhood to Centro.  Such an athlete!

Piazza Navona as captured by our friend Lionel this evening - sensible Romani stayed in doors but our Lionel walked from our old neighborhood to take it.  Not exactly next door but then he always was the athletic sort.

And finally young Simon - who is either in London studying hard or in Roma cheering on Lazio, or perhaps in London just "studying" and cheering on Lazio - put this wonderful photo up on Facebook.

From the Cappidocia overlooking the Foro towards the Colesseo and San Giovanni.  Snow covered for the first time in 28 years - a sight not many of us will ever see, and how I wish I were there to see it now.

Sorry how the hell could I not be homesick? 

*Snow, snow, go away!

03 February - 1815:  The first factory dedicated to making cheese opens in Switzerland. 
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