Thursday, January 12, 2012

Patterns of Winters

I've made no secret of the fact that winter is not one of my favourite times of year, particularly when its a day like today - freezing rain, snow, cold wind, -9c feeling like -13c.  Or days when it is bright and sunny but -27c with the wind chill.  The other day when I trudged through the Rideau Centre in a t-shirt, shirt, sweater, fleece, scarf, winter coat, toque and big clunkly lined boots I asked myself why I wasn't sitting in Miami in a shorts and t-shirt with many of my friends?  However that is a question to be answer another day.

But then every so often there is those moments when the sight of pristine snow falling in soft flakes on virgin white drifts - before the dog walkers set out and the sand trucks appear - takes on a mystical fairy tale aspect.  Or times like this morning when I went into the living room and saw a literal forest of frost on the window - looking for all the world like a Lalique sculpture.  I know it means that the seals have broke on the window and more cold is coming in than should be but it really was beautiful.  I only wish I had a better camera that wouldn't catch the reflection but even that added a touch of the mystical to the designs etched in ice by the cold.

Remember that a left click will enlarge the photos for a closer look.

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At this point I'll simply bask in the beautiful of nature and not even bother looking out the window.  That would only bring back those old feelings about winter!

12 January - 1908 A long distance radio message was transmitted from the Eiffel Tower for the first time.


Jacques said...

Having grown up outside Chicago, and been in (Northern) Italy for years, I don't understand how you can manage to adapt in such a civil manner from your Roman Winters back to Canadian Winter. I still fatico ri-adattarmi whenever I go back Fall/Winter/Spring, even though I still can supportare the cold here without difficulty (though that doesn't mean I like it).

Shari said...

I'm still trying to make the adjustment back to Canadian winters after 14 years in Egypt. My family rolls their collective eyes when I call 4 C "frigid" and a few snowflakes a "blizzard". But it's good to be back!
Stunning photos! And your new background is beautiful!

Maria said...

I just want to remind you of Rome and I'm sending you this