Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Winter Storm Warning

At the beginning of the month we were being told it was going to be a green Christmas with no or at least very little snow.  However as someone said on Christmas day, weather forecasting is much like medicine - a very unspecific science.

Fortunately for the drive down to Montreal on the 24th the ice from earlier in the week had melted away, the roads were clear and the sun was shining.  However much to Nicky and Nora's consternation it was hovering at -17c (-25c with the wind chill - anyone remember when we didn't even know there was a wind chill????).  This was not a temperature much to the liking of two hot blooded little Italian HFH and the next day when it was coupled with 10cm of snow it was even less enjoyed.  Needless to say driving in Montreal on Christmas Day was an experience.  But again luckily for us the weather on the 26th was sunny and again the roads were clear for the ride back to Ottawa. 

Our street is looking very romantic at the moment - almost the perfect covering of snow we all wanted for Christmas but were told by the weather people not to count on!

However this morning brought with it a "winter storm warning" red alert which had the good grace to hold off until our guests had made their way home from lunch.  However it is now in full force and the good people at the weather office are predicting 10 to 15 cms of the fluffy white stuff mixed with freezing rain.

In the meantime coat and booted HFH decided that it wasn't that bad after all - Nicky bounded through the snow like the little thoroughbred he is and our Nora plowed her way  around the block in that no-nonsense manner of her's looking for squirrels to devour.   And I decided that while it was still all relatively white, fluffy and virginal I'd do a walk around our block and take a few pictures.

I have to admit the Christmas lights do take on a special glow when covered by a  dusting of snow and filtered through the gently falling flakes.

It all seems so romantic, lovely and Christmas card-like. And I'm telling you right now that I'm posting this so when I struggle into work and back tomorrow and I curse the Canadian winter I will be reminded how romantic I thought it was tonight.

27 dicembre/December - San Giovanni apotolo ed evangelist


yvette said...

Was it 11PM or so when you took these pictures?(or earlier ?) I think I would need a kind of survival kit to adapt... Do send us a picture when it is 'sunny'. Your little ones seem very brave already. I will keep an eye on 'your' weather forecast from now on...

laurent said...

really lovely photos of the neighbourhood.

Anonymous said...

At times we do live in a winter fairyland! Crisp and beautiful today, however I prefer to enjoy from indoors.

David said...

Well, that at least is more seasonal than Rome at this time of year, so long as you don't need to go anywhere...Very pretty pictures. Happy New Year to you both.