Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Tizku leshanim rabbot*

שנה טובה ומתוקה

*May you merit many years - the old Shepardic gretting for Rosh Hashanah

The response to which is: ne'imot ve-tovot (pleasant and good ones)
In the seventh month, on the first of the month, there shall be a sabbath for you, a remembrance with shofar blasts, a holy convocation.
Leviticus 16:24

Tonight begins the celebration of year 5772 in the Jewish Calendar - which is traditionally calculated by adding up all the ages of people mentioned in the Torah to pinpoint the date of Creation.  Though as someone wisely says its more symbolic than accurate and most Orthodox or Reform Jews believe that the world is certainly more than six thousand years old.

I extend to all my friends - those who are observing this High Holiday and those for whom it is an unknown custom - a wish for all our new days and new years: May you merit many years.  And indeed may they be pleasant and good ones.

28 settembre/September - Capodanno ebraico

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Minnie said...

I knew a bit about Rosh Hashanah, but the details you provide make it all the more interesting.
Please accept my (self-interested!)wishes for a long, pleasant and good life yourself. Vive Willym!