Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The New Boy Toy

Don't get all excited I said "Boy toy" not "toy boy". Big difference. Though at my age I get more excited over the former than the later!

Here she is - don't ask me why but if you have to allocate gender, and my generation does, she's a she - posing with her bigger relatives in my little MAC family.

Last week I went to the only Apple Store in town out at the Roma Est shopping mall - I really must write one day about how I get overwhelmed in shopping malls - and picked myself up an iPhone4. Yes I made Steve Jobs a bit richer but I've also greatly enriched my life - yeah I know hyperbole but then when you become a Mac freak no hyperbole is too hyper.

The service at the Apple Store was quick, friendly and a normal Italian bureaucratic nightmare was solved in two minutes!!!! I was sent out into the milling mall crowds within 10 minutes of arriving, my Apple bag clutched firmly in my hot little hands.

And that was a dead give away when I walked into the Vodaphone shop up the next level. Diego, the very friendly sales person, gave me a big smile, put his hand to his forehead like a fortune teller and said, "You have just bought an iPhone and are coming to buy a new SIM card and have your number switched over." "The bag gave it away, did it?" I asked. "That and your smile, sir" he said with a smile as big as mine.

Again the processing was done quickly and in the friendliest way possible. When I said I didn't need a long term plan because I was moving back to Canada, Diego's face assumed a sympathetic look. "Oh, I am so sorry," he said "that means you will have to deal with Rogers." For the third time in less than half an hour my jaw dropped. "How do you know about Rogers?" I asked. "Everyone in the business knows about Rogers" was his quick reply with a shake of his head.

So new SIM in place, iPhone activated I headed out into the world of Apps and Notifications. I've been playing with it ever since - amazing and boring all my friends with the bells and whistles of my new boy toy!

20 aprile - Santa Sara di Antiochia

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Debra She Who Seeks said...

Believe me, that iPhone will be the focus of your life from now on!


i have a free cell phone..if I stand on the porch with my head turned at the right angle I can send and receive phone the apt? nope.

Doralong said...

It's OK, you have company. I drank the Kool-Aid years ago myself.