Friday, March 18, 2011

A Mad World, My Masters

If ever Thomas Middleton's title for his 1605 comedy was prophetic it would be today. Except that these days events are far from comedic and seem to be spinning out of control beyond the tragic. I'm almost fearful of picking up a paper or visiting a news website. The turmoil seems never ending and each day brings - even given the media delight in, and inevitable spin on, the "bad" - more fearful events.

Though its hard - and foolish - to try to avoid what is happening around the world something always seems to come along to remind me that there are still good things that abound. And one of them was a posting yesterday from my blog buddy Debra at She Who Seeks.

It is a simple blessing by the Irish mystic, poet and Catholic priest John O'Donohue. I found it lifted my entire day and I hope you will find the same when you click on this link: Beannacht (Blessing).

Thank you Debra for allowing myself to be wrapped in that invisible cloak of love.

18 marzo - San Cirillo di Gerusalemme
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Anonymous said...

Thank you for the link

Debra She Who Seeks said...

I'm glad the poem and blessing spoke to you, Willym! Thanks for the shout-out!