Monday, March 21, 2011

Lunedi Lunacy

I have never believed in dressing any of our dogs up! In fact I once refused to pay a groomer who had put bows on our Reesie's ears when I had specifically said no kerchiefs, no bows! I explained to her that he was neither a toy nor a doll and that I did not consider it "cute" but a form of cruelty to animals. She did eventually get paid but never did it again.

At the moment I live in a country that is obsessed with "La Bella Figura" and it should come at a surprise to no one that that sense of fashion spills over onto the canine population too! As we were strolling down Via Cavour after watching our Vin run the Marathon and having a great lunch we happened upon a large pet store. A peak in the the window revealed what the well-dressed dog - of a certain size - will be wearing on the streets of Roma this year.

Our two may be getting away just in time!

21 marzo - Sant'Elia eremita


Elizabeth said...

Oh, come on! I think you should ALL get the matching pink velour athletic suits!

(Our pup, who is short haired, has a winter velcro-on covering, but other than that he's unadorned.)

Debra She Who Seeks said...

I tried to put a rainbow flag neckerchief on my cat once. Key word: once. I still have the claw marks.

Anonymous said...

My family hid the doggy hair bows!!