Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Wagner Does the Cirque du Soleil

Once again last month I headed up to Milan for a performance at La Scala - I can't help thinking, as I seem to do the trip on a regular basis these days, that I wish my Father could see me now. Back when I was a Wee Willym I sat with him and a copy of Opera News and showed him exactly where I would go when I grew up; of course in those days I was going to sit right in the middle of the Royal Box - and who knows maybe one day I will. But meanwhile 51 years later I have to make do with a very good poltroni on the platea. And this time I was going to review a performance of Tannhauser for Opera Britannia.

I think the title of this post may say it all but if you'd like to find out more about what was, if theatrically over the top, musically a splendid evening just click on the poster and it will take you to the review.

And I still wish Daddy could see me now.

13 aprile - San Martino I Papa


David said...

Lucky you to have seen the great Anja Harteros. Covent Garden were slow to sign her up so we have to wait a few years after her stunning Amelia Grimaldi in Verdi's Simon Boccanegra - maybe the most complete Verdi-soprano performance I've ever heard live.

And actually what is Tannhauser if not confused excess? I have a feeling I'd like what La Fura dels Baus does with it - so long as the acting within the gimmicks is convincing.

sageweb said...

it looks amazing!


beats Peg Leg Bily at Tokio Store.

Anonymous said...

Having seen The Grande Macabre in Rome, I'm wondering why these folks seem to zero in on body parts). You should have a pool on what body part their next production should use.


Sling said...

No doubt,Pops would be proud!